TinType by Hipstamatic 앱 리뷰

Fun app.

Over all I dog the app. My only qualm is a little more functionally to it. Meaning, access to my albums and a few more options for editing. Out side of that, I’m a fan of the app.

iPhone X Support

Come on people


Keep having a problem downloading from photo library ! Otherwise it’s an interesting effect.

Killer look!!

Like nothing I’ve ever seen before! LOVE IT! Limited options but so what. Gives you exactly what you’d expect from a “tintype” photo. Super cool vibe, I’d recommend this app to anyone looking for something different than the norm.

Want my $$ back

Goodness this is the most useless app. The pics don’t come out anything like what they show you in the description. Few options & just a mess. Seriously, I want my money back.

Dear God Have Mercy, I Love This App

Oh yes, outstanding on all fronts. Including the "whoosh" sound of the tintype camera. I normally prefer to shoot my images on the iPhone 6S+, then edit off in app land. This is the ONLY app I have, and I have them all, where I prefer to shoot directly from the app. For many reasons, this is the coolest app I have seen in a long, long time. Have mercy! A+ and I am anointing myself this app's new ambassador.

Limited options...

...EXTREMELY limited options.

Don't buy this

I was in the Hipstamatic store trying to buy the tin type film, and browsing the featured section, saw "tin type" next to the other films, I clicked it and it led me to this whole other app. Which doesn't give the looks I wanted. I went back in and finally found that they're tricking you. One tin type app and one tin type film. Both of them different. They like the confusion. Total rip off.

Limited options

I bought this app after it was recommended in an online lecture. There are only 2 color options--b&w and sepia. There is only one border which you can use or not. Cropping is limited to the original size, or square with no option to choose what part of the photo to crop out. I don't think I will use this much.

Love the level of details

One of my all time favorite app. Love the shallow depth of field and how it focuses in on the eyes. all the random textures makes the portrait surreal.

Lots of fun!

Since the recent update it works great and I love being able to give different old fashioned looks to New and older pics! Glad to upgrade my review!

Great effect, trouble saving

Love the effect, really well done but when transferring photos made with the app to my desktop Mac the effects aren't there, you only get the raw photo. This is true for both the desktop Photos program and Aperture 3. I don't have this problem with similar ios iphone apps.

2.0 a buggy mess!

Hipstamatic made a big deal about the release of 2.0... but it didn't really offer any new features-- and worse, it crashes CONSTANTLY in iOS 10.2.1. Totally useless. I love hipstamatic, but this is disappointing.

It needs work

Everytime I open the app it shuts down.

Please Make It Possible To Take Video!!

Amazing Pictures

Cool when it works...

Looks great when it works but crashes when you open photos to edit. 👎🏼

Love it

No issues to report on the iPhone 7 Plus. Great filters. Simple to use.


I managed one photo from my library...oK? Keeps prompting that access to camera is denied. Yes, as I specified. Continually crashing and dumping app. Want money back for this pos


Good Old Fun.

Excellent all around!

Love this app! It's a blast to use! Highly recommend!

Crashes Too Much

This app crashes too much while trying to load an existing photo. 2 stars for the otherwise cool effects. Probably 4 stars if if didn't crash.

Loved this app until the new update

This has been one of my favorite photo apps UNTIL this last update. It looks great, but a cool interface does not do me a bit of good when the app won't work! It crashes every time I try to take a picture. Please fix this!

Basic functions missing - Flawed

Tintype photos always look beautiful. Though, in app If you save a copy, then try and re-open, all edits are gone and you are left with an inferior copy in B&W only. The only option is to start over. Other than this, its all good. A simple but effective filter that almost always looks great. Definitely worth its own app.

Omg Finally!!!

After a year of trying to take fabulously vintage selfies on Snapchat whilst eating my gluten-free avocado whip toast, I've finally found the right app! The filters are absolutely delicious, ranging from a classy Bohemian to a warm Vinaigrette. Now I'll always be able to treasure the scarf selfies I take in my usual Starbucks booth. Can't wait to show my girls May, Dream, and Merriweather. Totally worth the $1. Some people say it's exactly like Instagram minus the social aspect, but I post at least 8 food shots a day and I swear it isn't. Besides, what is this, Communist Russia? Treat yo self, girl. (Works especially well during those late night shifts working as an Urban Outfitters stock manager ;) )


I have a 7plus and this app looks like it was designed for a regular size phone. I already have most of the filters for this in my other Hipstamatic app. They need to loose this app or move straight to version 3.

Don't buy yet!

Crashes every time you try to upload an existing photo.

Love the app!

Hate the new icon. It's way too dark!

Don't bother updating, crashes constantly!!

Hipstamatic finally put some love into this long neglected app and once you update and load a photo from your camera roll, it crashes. Every. Single. Time. I was able to downgrade and use the previous version. Come on Hipstamatic, do your programmers even bother to open the app on a 6S and iPad Pro to see if it is stable and works? Deleted and reinstalled and same freaking thing. Crash city. It's totally unusable after updating.


Thank you for finally updating this app!!! I love it and am so pleased 5 Stars!!

App Crashes

Nice app, but crashes when uploading photos to edit. I'm out 99 cents.

App crashes

I could only apply this app to one pic, the rest of the time it crashes.

Keeps crashing!!

I Love this app and have been using it for a long time but for the past few months it just crashes all the time! So frustrating!

Crash on import

I'm having same issues. iPhone 6. Up to date iOS. Try to import a portrait and app crashes immediately. Every time. Tried a restart of app. Restarted phone. Nope. No luck.

Great little app

Fantastic little app. The pictures are hauntingly beautiful. Simple interface (good). Needs TIFF uncompressed support. Hopefully it happens in a future release (soon). Recommended!

Crashes constantly

Crashes constantly when I choose images from the camera roll.

Used to be good, now buggy

This app was a lifesaver for a long time. Today, however, it started to randomly crash when I selected a photo to use. I hope an update is released to fix this. Until then, I can't use the app.

...But the eyes!

Love the app but it over sharpens the eyes to almost eerie looking.

Crashes constantly

It crashes every time I am uploading a picture to edit. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Beyond that, I like the app.


Completely unusable. So bad I want my measly $.99 back.

Won't import photos since upgrading to iPhone 6

Love this app but since upgrading to iPhone 6 when I try to open an old photo in TinType the app just crashes. Seems to only open photos I've taken with iPhone 6. Would love for this bug to be fixed!!!

always prompting to get my location

A somewhat crude app, but it does the job. However, Hipstamatic inc., you do not need to know my location everytime I snap a picture, and "no" means exactly that : no. It doesn't mean : please annoy me with pop ups asking me for my location 25 times each time I use the app !! It's 2015 and some developpers still don't get it...

It's cool when it works

Crashes about every 4 tries. Lame.

great app

hate hipstamatic but love this filter, so i obviously enjoy this app very much. never had any issues with the app 5 stars for letting me delete hipstamatic from my phone.

Stick with Hipstamatic

I was excited about this ap, bought it and right away started playing with it, and while it gives you more control then the plate styles of Hipstamatic, it's lacks the beauty or quality, as well as the fun. Where as Hipstamatic has a certain magic, and novelty that has users buying each pack excited to experiment with new set ups and creating and sharing images that remind us of photography's past, this ap left me feeling like I'd wasted a dollar. And I think I did. The quality isn't as high as the plates created with HM, the process not as smooth, or as fun, and above all.... The results aren't as good. Stick with Hipstamatic, or if you don't have it, go get that.

Needs more flexibility

Needs a way to adjust the focal point! The depth of field effect, which beautifully blurs parts of the image, is great when it happens to leave in focus what I want in focus. When it doesn't, the app is useless. Likewise, flexibility of contrast and saturation of the filters would be great b Please please work on this! Thank you.

Eh ...

Stick to the original hipstamatic app. This 1 needs alotta work.

How Many Hipsters Does It Take...

Oh never mind, it hurts to laugh at this point. This TinType app should have been a slam-dunk for the HipstaKids, but... Que the sad trombone and crickets. TinType wouldn't be worth wasting even a tertiary glance save the ongoing theme to all the Hipsta'apps, once you get past the mustache wax and smug self-importance, they all have a redeeming quality that deserves your time and attention if only the chief Hipsta had less hair betwix nose and gums and more downstairs where it counts. Fix your HipstaHouse already. Make.Your.Apps.Work.

Fails on photo capture

Try to take a photo, app never gets beyond spinning progress animation. Wholly useless as is.

Simple And Flawless

Hipstamatic is without a doubt one of the best camera apps on the App Store. Even some brilliant photographers recommend it! TinType is easily my favorite when it comes to taking LoFi photos on my iPhone. I've always been a huge fan of this type of photography. Sadly, it's not the most practical way to shoot. Not any more! You see, this app right here allows you to take stunning Tintype looking photos where ever you are! If you're a fan of incredibly old school photography styles, this is for you.


It's the most basic photo editing app. I had high hopes because I love Hipstamatic. Deleted this app 5 minutes after installing. Bye bye $0.99.

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