TinType by Hipstamatic App Reviews

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Use To Work Flawlessly, Not!

Great and fun app when it came out. Still is while using the iPhone 6s. "Not" the case with my iPad any longer. Using current iPad with with OS 9.3.2, at the app has gone buggy. Rebooting does nothing to fix. Removed it to reinstall, hoping that would fix it, and now the app has disappeared and I can not reinstall on the iPad. Bummer.

...But the eyes!

Love the app but it over sharpens the eyes to almost eerie looking.

Crashing all the time...

Looks good if it works-but most of the time, when you try to save, the wheel just keeps spinning...


I cant seem to get the hang of this. The example photos are all really nice and look subtle but every photo I take or upload looks like its straight out of a horror movie or else way over exposed. I likely wouldnt pay the .99 cents again. Thumbs mostly down.

Extremely cool

I absolutely love this app. I love dressing in vintage styles and taking photos

Buy the film in Hipstamatic...

Not sure why a standalone app from the makers of Hipstamatic for a Tintype effect is not as good as the film and lens in Hipstamatic... Really... I downloaded the app soon as Hipstamatic notified me it was available. Really disappointed with it. Going back to use the tintype lens and film within Hipstamatic . Save your money.

Hipstamatic Home Run!

Simple controls with lots of awesome effects. Working with IOS 8 extensions a huge plus. My new favourite photo app.

Cool effect but missing some basic functionalities

1. Select eye location when the app cant detect them (on multiple subjects) 2. Adjust photo location to hit the sweet spot area, otherwise subjects are out of focus 3. If using a gallery image allow to save modified photos as a new file instead of just overriding the existing photo


Overwrites original image and creates small file. I have been able to upload one image from camera roll after dozens of attempts and it crashes EVERY time I try. Beautiful tintype when it does work but final images are way too small and pixelated.


As above.

Worth the $

As a long time Hipstamatic user, I can tell you this app is worth it. A much simpler interface without the Hipstamatic old camera interface,this app gives you the coolest pak without the overhead. Being able to edit and dial back this effect makes the app worth it as well. If you love this pak, then get the app!

Not quite enough

I have been a big fan of Hipstamatic and their lens/film combos. When I saw a devoted tintype app was available I jumped on it immediately but find myself disappointed with the limits imposed (where those same limits are an understood strength in Hipstamatic.) the app launches quickly on my iPhone 6, and I like that I do have some basic adjustments to switch between black and white or colour, the eye intensity and blur strength. As mentioned, importing files will remove that original image, and theres no ability to choose your square crop. Frames are either on or off, Id like to be able to adjust them especially the heavily imposed colour frame. Choosing the eyes would be nice too. I suppose an app is a balance between function and features, this one, as it currently is, isnt quite enough of the later.

Does what it says on the tin.

Does what its supposed to. Same as the Hipstamatic film, but the obvious advantage to this app is that it also uses the front camera for portrait work. And thats the whole point of this, since TinType film works particularly well for portraits. Im pretty sure plenty of Hipstamatic users have been requesting just such a film for front-facing camera work. Well now we have it. Cant really complain about that.

Changes made to original

I just bought this app then tried it on an existing photo on my iPhone. They say it doesn’t change the original but it surely did with mine. I have a backup copy, of course, but I am disappointed that Hipstamatic tells you something that simply isn’t correct.


Waste of money :(

Doesnt work

It simply cannot open a photo, it just sits there loading. IPhone 5s 64bit ios 8.1

App does not work!

I have a 5s w/64 Gb running IOS 8.1 and this app does not work. When either loading a picture from library or taking a picture all I get is a spinning wheel. A refund would be appreciated.

Overwrites original picture

The filters are very nice, no doubt about it but overwriting the original picture is a terrible, terrible idea. If it wasnt for this I would rate it high.


It works perfectly on my 64GB iPhone 5. Fast and flawless.

Accidentally bought this app.

I downloaded some app and was scrolling. And I accidentally bought this app(dont know how. Just my kind of luck). So I thought since o accidently bought it. I should try it anyways. Its stupid. And I dont like it. But. I cant refund my money. So what a waste.

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